Our experience and research tells us that organisations which are successful in achieving sustainable high performance take a planned approach to developing all the key factors that contribute to high performance as part of their overall strategy.  They ensure that accountability is appropriately devolved and shared and that there is clear and felt responsibility for achieving outcomes aligned with their strategy and vision.  They also ensure that their staff performance and development schemes are well aligned to deliver on key strategic and operational priorities.  Further, they ensure that these schemes foster behaviours that support the desired values of the organisation with modelling by their organisation’s leadership.

These organisations are consequently seeing very positive outcomes including quantum changes in both the quality and efficiency of their services and improved organisational health resulting in reduced absenteeism and grievances. Importantly, they are also seeing stronger staff engagement with the organisation’s direction.

Our Services

People and Performance Consulting can assist you by providing the following services:

  • Reviewing/auditing your organisation’s performance management practices and processes in line with leading and benchmarked practices
  • Strengthening and facilitating business planning
  • Developing KPI frameworks that drive performance
  • Implementing performance analysis and reporting processes
  • Developing staff performance management and development schemes which ensure:
    • goal alignment
    • meaningful performance conversations
    • systematic removal of performance obstacles
  • Providing leadership development and management coaching to managers to help sustain a culture of performance through the ongoing engagement of staff.

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