A capable workforce is one where people and teams are able to effectively contribute to the ongoing performance and success of your business.  How you undertake recruitment is a very important part of attracting talent in the first place, but how you then harness and leverage that talent is what really makes the difference.

In high performing organisations, employees are given the opportunity to maximise their talent and potential through projects and work tasks that are both professionally challenging and rewarding.  They are  supported to build and demonstrate the skills that the organisation needs to maximise its performance including through training, mentoring and coaching.  A capable organisation has employees who know what is expected of them and are motivated and inspired by their organisation’s vision. They have a culture which has high expectations of its people combined with high support and strong leadership.  There is a clear relationship between what people do and how it is making a difference.

Our most successful client organisations include capability in their strategic agenda.  They identify the knowledge and skills needed to maximise their organisation’s performance and outcomes in different areas of their business.  They then actively seek to match the knowledge skills and attitudes of their people to their outcomes.  When capability is built purposefully to support both an organisation’s culture and its deliverables, it offers powerful rewards to the organisation and its employees alike.

Our Services

People and Performance Consulting  can assist you by providing the following services:

  • Workforce Planning – identifying the capabilities and resources you need to deliver your business strategy over future years and recommending strategies to match capabilities to required deliverables.
  • Providing advice about how well your current levels of capability support your business outcomes and offering recommendations for improvement (e.g. through talent management strategies)
  • Developing a capability plan to enable your organisation to improve its capability in a manageable and purposeful way
  • Coaching and training for leaders, managers and staff in a wide variety of areas to support capability, including:
    • leadership and management development;
    •  people management;
    •  interpersonal skills development;
    •  performance management; and
    •  change management

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