When people are engaged and motivated at work it has positive benefits for both the people themselves and for the organisation they are a part of.  It is a genuine win-win.  For organisations, having an engaged workforce has been found to improve productivity, profitability, the customer experience, and staff retention.  When employees are engaged at work they feel proud, committed, invested in their work and in the organisation they are a part of, and positive towards their place of work.

There are a number of key factors that all need to come together to achieve successful employee engagement.  These include the nature of the work itself, leadership, workplace culture, reward and recognition, and the extent to which people feel a sense of personal connection with their organisation and the work they do.   Because every organisation is unique, the formula for successful employee engagement will be different.

Our Services

People and Performance Consulting can assist you by providing the following services:

    • Reviewing your current engagement strategy and providing recommendations for improvement
    • Assessing current levels of employee engagement through survey tools, focus groups and workshop processes
    • Developing a successful employee engagement strategy
    • Coaching and developing leaders and managers in employee engagement