High performing organisations have a strong and compelling vision that people find personally meaningful and feel connected to.  The vision is the inspirational and aspirational future for the organisation, written succinctly and developed in a way that is easy for everyone in the organisation to remember and relate to.  High performing organisations also describe their mission – what they are there to do, for whom, and how they go about doing it.  It positions them well in the marketplace and with their stakeholders.

Creating a performance culture means identifying and living by a set of core values, the deeply held principles, ideals or beliefs that people use as the basis for making decisions.  Values are evident in an organisation’s culture – “the way we do things around here” show what really matters at the end of the day.  Revisiting and confirming these core values provides everyone in the organisation with a clear foundation for their decisions, their behaviours and their attitudes.  Organisations that operate by their deeply held core values show integrity, which builds trust among staff and customers alike.

Our Services

 People and Performance Consulting can assist you by providing the following services:

  • Clarifying or developing your vision, mission and values
  • Facilitating strategic and business planning
  • Reviewing your current culture and climate and providing recommendations to strengthen your performance culture
  • Coaching for leaders and managers to strengthen skills in leading and supporting a high performance culture

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